Congratulations to Josh and Danielle Menning for winning so many awards at the Newport News, VA Christian Film Festival.

Best Feature Film (Josh Menning)

Best Director (Josh Menning)

Best Producer (Josh Menning, Danielle Menning, Vitaliy Versace, John Smith)

Best Actor (Justin Rose – Aaron)

Best Actress (Katie C’etta – Sarah)

Best Actor Supporting (Joe Morales – Tom, Randy Campbell – Preacher)

Best Actress Supporting (Emily Geary – Brittany, Emily Kelly – Nicole, Brianna Burke – Emily, Emily Rusu – Tara, Theresa Wylie – Kathy)

Best Actress Teen (Brianna Burke – Emily)

Best Actor Child (Ethan Hall – Young Aaron, Tucker Daniel McElroy – John)

Best Actress Child (Brookabella Horner – Young Sarah, Aubrey Unkefer – Young Brittany)

Best Villain (Nicholas Baronzzi – Yusaf, Jason Klingensmith – Man in Doorway)

Best Cinematography (Josh Menning)

Best Costumes & Props (Bunnie Ferro)

Best Hair & Make-Up (Jessica Baughman)

Best Score (Todd Maki)

Best Cast (The Whole Cast)

Best Movie Poster (Josh Menning)

There are still Fan Awards to come. Thank you for all who was a part of this film! Get your copy at

This powerful film was selected by the Christian Film Festival (September 2017). Please check out the official trailer for Unwavering (Executive Producer/Director, Josh (and Danielle) Menning (Menning Photographic Films). I was privileged to co-produce this movie with Vitaliy Versace (Hollywood producer, director, actor).  If you would like to order this film, please visit the official movie website.

UNWAVERING Official Trailer | HD from Menning Photographic Films on Vimeo.