SEAN’S BRIDGE TO HOPE –  Sean’s Bridge to hope was started in memory of Cindy and Ed Anderson’s son, Sean Michael O’Connor who lost his battle with addiction on May 5, 2015.  When Cindy and Ed lost their son they were very much uneducated about the world of addiction and how to help him get treatment.  They also did not know how to give him support and guidance.  They feel that had they been equipped with this knowledge, they could have saved their son!

Cindy and Ed want to bring the C.A.R. (Compassion, Awareness and Recovery) to those suffering from SUD (Substance Use Disorder) and their whole family.  Addiction is a family disease; when one member of the family gets sick, the entire family suffers. When the family starts to get better, learning more about the disease of addiction…getting well, the one suffering with SUD in the family has a higher chance of seeking and attaining recovery.

Cindy and Ed believe that awareness and education should start early and carry on thought out the school age years and beyond. This can only be obtained through a D.A.R.E program in every school.

Their goal is to see our community pull together to bring rehabilitation centers, transitional housing to guide those suffering with SUD, education and support to our community.

Please stop back soon. Our Website will be much bigger in the weeks to come, offering much information, as well as a sign-up form for those who would like to join us.

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