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Nothing prepared me for the jolt to my memory bank when I read the first Chapter in this beautiful fable. The story told through the experiences of three characters could have been written about my two brothers and I when I was in my youth. Author Kitson has a masterful tale here that will keep you gripped and guessing until the last page. Get it, read it, pass it on to anyone you love as “love endures all things”. BRAVO JWK.`Tom Dutta, author and radio talk show host, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Thank you, John, for dropping off my personal copy of Song of The Tree Frogs. I read it on my 4.5 hour flight . You should have told me to bring tissues. I cried like a baby in front of 200 hundred people, and the flight attendant kept checking on me. I seriously had to put it down to pull it together, and then the tears would start again.Very well written. “Regardless of our circumstance we can still make a difference in this world.” My first book in a couple of years, and I would recommend everyone to read! (N. Ludwig)

I enjoyed the book tremendously. Even though the storyline was sad at times, it’s every day life for some people. When I hear tree frogs singing I think of this novel and smile thinking about family relationships and the close bonds siblings can bring to each other. I wasn’t expecting the different twists in the book. A well written novel.

I picked up this book, read the opening scene, and immediately put it down. I was hooked and knew that if I read any more, nothing else that I needed to do would get done. A week later, I read the book. It is fantastic! This book tells a story of the unthinkable. With some surprising twists, the message of love, hope, and forgiveness reign. This is one of the best books I have read.~Stephanie Gage

I finally got the book I have been so anxious to read, written by a dear friend of ours, John Washington Kitson. It literally kept me from getting much needed things done at work yesterday but I just couldn’t put it down. If you like to read I would strongly suggest purchasing this book, Song of the Tree Frogs. It is captivating and grabs you by the heart and pulls you into the story as if you were actually part of their lives and the story being told. I have read many books throughout the years but this one pulls you in and will not let you put it down. We are so excited and blessed to have become friends with the author of this book and the many things that he has shared with us along the way is such a blessing. Thank you, John, for sharing your journey with us and what a fantastic job done with writing this novel. ~Angela Chapman Brown, Avid Reader

I can honestly say that this is one of the best books I have ever read! I can’t share any of my favorite parts with because I want you to have the opportunity to see the creativity, suspense-fullness, and vividness yourself! You will not be disappointed! “Song of the Tree Frogs” will leave you full of emotions!!! Please let’s discuss when you have read it! I couldn’t put this book down!`Linda Maharick, Avid Reader

I just finished reading “Song of the Tree Frogs” last night! It took me three days due to work, but trust me, the second two days, I rushed home as fast as I could to get back to reading it. I was totally mesmerized by this book and I am not just saying that because John is my friend. What Phillip and Michael (especially) had to go through in life, happens to more children throughout this world than we can even imagine. Not only did I fall in love with these two boys while reading this book, I found myself missing my grandma and the hundreds of times i sat on her front porch with her as a young girl listening to the great stories she had to tell. There is nothing that tops unconditional love! Love does conquer and endure all things! I’m sure I will be noticing more often, the Song of the Tree Frogs! This book is spectacular and perfectly written! I hope John has a new book coming in the future.~Amy Hissom, Technology Specialist

I spent many late nights reading this book! It was hard to stop reading it. From beginning to end, I was intrigued and found myself wanting to know how the boys would get through their ordeal. There were many emotional moments that really moved me and the way it was written was beautifully done. It definitely portrayed that the bond between siblings is one that can never be broken. I will look forward to reading more books by J. W. Kitson.~ Patricia Novas, Educator

You must read this. I started it at 6:00 pm yesterday and finished at 11:30. I did nothing I had intended to. It’s about two brothers, love, abuse and quite an ending you don’t expect… ~Denise Repella. SLP

I just finished your novel! What a gripping story! Congratulations on an amazing work of art!~ Nancy Evans, Teacher

It’s a book you can’t put down!! I read it in less than 2 days and I volunteered at school 9 hours in those 2 days, plus worked at bingo 6 hours!! Definitely a quick read cause you want to know what’s happening next!~Peggy

Not many things are worthy of sacrificing sleep at this point in my life, as I’m awakened by my baby a couple of times most nights, but I just HAD to stay awake to keep reading “Song of the Tree Frogs” tonight even though everyone else in my house is asleep. John, you wrote a great book! I was saddened, I was angered, I was emotionally attached to the characters, & I was uplifted. Lots of thoughts have been stirred within me & I can say that I’m even more inspired now to publish my own novel someday.~Danielle Menning

John Washington Kitson this book is amazing to read! I have a problem staying focused when I read but with this book I can’t stop reading it!!~Anonymous

Song of the Tree Frogs filled me with overwhelming emotions, causing me to shed many tears. I haven’t experienced that from a book in a long time. I found myself endlessly pondering what would unfold in the chapters to come.” ~ Mrs. Tiffany Moses, school counselor

“I couldn’t put it down. My emotions were everywhere. The boys just felt like family to me. I fell in love with both of them.” ~ Lori Haustman-DeMarco, junior high teacher

“This book takes you on an inspiring journey through the life of two brothers, and it makes you want to dive right into the book and save them!” ~ Anonymous female high school student

“Michael and Phillip’s story is tragic and beautiful, and should be required reading for teens and adults. As a teacher and lover of realistic fiction, I urge everyone to read this important book.” ~ Brooke Tier Harman, high school English instructor

“This story leaves the reader with a tremendous sense of admiration for the young boys’ bravery throughout a traumatic upbringing. It keeps you engaged, especially with an unexpected ending! The therapist in me encourages all to read.” ~ Mallory R. Wines, PhD, LPCC

“I honestly hate reading, but I couldn’t stop reading this book!” ~ Michael, high school student

“I could hardly see the words on the pages of the last few chapters because of the many tears rolling down my face.” ~ Eloise Y. Lott, Christian author (and 89-year-young fan of Song of the Tree Frogs)

Song of the Tree Frogs, surely a sad tale, prevails in its desire to express love between siblings…the instinct for the elder to protect the younger…the strength to overcome and survive regardless of the cruel hand life has dealt. First time author Kitson gets his point across that, no matter the circumstances into which we are born, love endures the struggle.” ~ D.A. Dysert, freelance writer, Boston, Massachusetts

“This book kept giving me the urge to read more. Not every book I’ve read gives me that feeling.” ~ Anonymous high school student


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