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Film Producer, Author, Educator June 1, 2019

A dream comes true! Ever since the day I started writing, I’ve wanted to walk into a Barnes & Noble and see my book on the shelf. Well, that dream has finally come true! It was Author’s Night at Barnes & Noble at Settlers Ridge in Pittsburgh, and what a fantastic event. It was a pleasure to meet the other authors from the area. So much talent! My family was in attendance, too, making it the perfect night. I’ll be there again for the next event, so I’ll be sure to let you know!

“A dream come true! NEVER EVER give up on your dreams, friends. If an English teacher from a small town in southeastern Ohio can do it, so can YOU!”

Having my family with me the night of my book signing at the Settlers Ridge Barnes & Noble was a great experience. My daughter, Madison, and our “adopted son,” Matthew, were there to also reveal the official announcement that Song of the Tree Frogs was going to be a feature film for the amazing, award-winning, Menning Films.

I’ve also been offered the chance to come back to that location for future book signing events, especially when my YA novel People from the Lake comes out. Matthew had his photo taken with the official cover, which he is on. This thriller is due out in early August. Matthew has also been selected as one of the actors for the film based on Song of the Tree Frogs. That evening was a chance to build some great memories with my family, whom God has blessed me with in my life.

Laine Hardy was selected as the 2019 American Idol. His musical talents are amazing, and after some mutual friends of ours helped me make contact with his family (off season, of course), I was thrilled to have the opportunity to send the Hardy’s a copy of my novel. Laine was gracious enough to send out an endorsement on his social media. This was done after the 2018 season.

Laine went on to work even harder, and it finally paid off. He is now our new American Idol! Check out his great merchandise at! Thanks again to Laine, Cindy, Juliann, and Erich. (Also, check out Erich’s amazing musical and acting talents at

Laine Hardy, 2019 American Idol!

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