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I am featuring “Michael” this month. I met his family in Miami while waiting to set sail on a cruise ship. While sitting in a terminal full of hundreds of passengers, I had to chuckle when I happened to look a few seats away and notice the similarities between this soon-to-be-model and the other young man I’d already selected to be on the cover.

Annie Theiss-Inge, the original designer, always believed that I should include both of the main characters (Phillip and Michael) on the cover. I agreed, and to my surprise that day in Miami, I’d found the perfect match. This young man’s father explained to me that one of his best friends is a professional photographer named Bryan Huff (from Huffoto), and believe it or not, tree frogs happen to be one of Bryan’s favorite things to photograph.

When discussing possible cover designs with Jim Howard, an executive publisher with Morgan James, he thought both models were brothers in real life. That’s when I knew for certain that I had made the right decision. I’m honored to have this young man from Tennessee representing “Michael.”

The Covers

I want to thank Tyler, Bryce, Tony and Joey for their help with the front and back covers. They represented both the younger and older characters of Phillip and Michael so well!

Throughout the coming months, I will be featuring different individuals who’ve been so helpful with this novel. I will also provide links to resources and organizations associated with themes found throughout this story.

Pre-order availability coming soon…

SONG OF THE TREE FROGS is scheduled for release in August 2017. It will be available on eBooks in January 2018 and major bookstores in April 2018. Pre-order (available SOON) and receive an autographed copy!

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