People From the Lake

Chapter One
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What the Douglas Family Doesn't Know...

…Is About To Hurt Them

Seth is motionless, lying face down in the mud at the water’s edge.

“Seth!” Aeron leaps from the embankment and falls…

…beside his brother. He turns Seth over and hoists him onto his trembling legs. “Oh God, come on, Seth! Wake up! They’re coming!” Aeron peers out into the fierce squall—desperate for any living soul who might rescue them. “Seth, we gotta go—I mean it!

The storm rages as Aeron violently shakes Seth, trying to stir life back into his unconscious brother. As the roaring winds muffle Aeron’s frenzied cries, wind-driven torrents of rain splatter dirt onto Seth’s limp body. Blood pours from his mouth and nose and runs down Aeron’s forearm.

“Oh God, this can’t be happening again!” Aeron tightens his embrace around his brother and cries out, “Come on, Seth . . . please!” Aeron attempts several times to lift his brother out of the lake, but the mud is like ice under his feet, causing him to fall.

Dad, I found him!” Aeron’s cries are devoured by the violent wind. “Daaaad!” His heart is thrashing about in his chest, as his lungs beg for more air. “I need you!

As Aeron gazes into the blackness, lightning blazes across the sky, revealing nearly a dozen decaying corpses standing waist deep in the turbulent lake. The menacing creatures are determined to abduct the brothers from the realm of the living.

Oh my God!” Aeron wails. He forcefully shakes Seth again. “Come on, Seth! Pleeease!

As another flash of light races across the sky, Aeron sees the rotting, outstretched arms of the deadly creatures even closer than before.

Spasms seize control of Aeron’s muscles as he struggles again to stand and lift his brother from the edge of the water. He slips and falls hard. “Noooo! Just leave us alone!” he pleads.

Drowning in weakness and despair, Aeron finally lowers his chin and rests it on the top of Seth’s soaked hair. Aeron sobs as he frantically rocks back and forth with Seth held firmly in his arms. “Please, Seth!” Aeron sobs. “Please wake up! They’re gonna kill us!

In desperation, Aeron attempts one final, spine-tingling shriek. “Daaaad! Help us!”

Splintered veins of lightning dance across the sky, affirming Aeron’s worst fears—the hands of the creatures . . . only inches away.