What the Douglas Family Can’t See

Is Hunting Them

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Adrian and Teresa Douglas have the perfect life…until they move their family into a home with a sinister past. The home is at the center of a dark and supernatural war waging against the world of the living. An army of tortured souls are determined to abduct the Douglas children and claim them as their own. Accidents, unexplained illnesses, and malevolent creatures roam the property, and Adrian and Teresa must protect their family from the rotting corpses known as the people from the lake.

The Author

J.W. Kitson

If I look like an English teacher at your school, that’s because I am one…maybe not your teacher, but someone else’s…or maybe I was your teacher ten years ago. Whatever the case, I am more than a dude that stands up at the front of a room and tells sleepy teens about Shakespeare. I’m a film producer and author. Life isn’t what it ought to be without art. So some of my students asked me to write a horror novel. This is it. I caused myself a few sleepless nights over this when I was writing it…my eyes open, staring at the ceiling, wondering what was outside, lurking in the dark shadows. I promise you, you’ll never look at that summer lake you swim in the same.