Song of the Tree Frogs: Now a Tool for Child Advocacy
John Kitson
Author, Film Producer, Pastor, Teacher

Writing and film producing are very exciting. Song of the Tree Frogs was recently reviewed by Ann Weigle, the Program Director for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) in my home county in Ohio. This vital program aligns at-risk youth with court appointed advocates who work closely with them through the trauma in their lives. Ann stated: “Song of the Tree Frogs draws you in from the very first page. I was amazed and touched by J.W. Kitson’s ability to capture the emotional side of the abuse for the victim and the silent victim. Many times, the silent victim (who is forced to witness the abuse) is forgotten, but the author brings to life the long-term trauma both of these victims carry with them forever. This book will be a required read for my CASA volunteers.”

“We cannot underestimate God’s ability to change the world through any child!”
Judge Baronnzi and Newly Sworn-In CASA Volunteers

Coming from a unique perspective, Ann advocates for children who have been thrust into the court system by circumstances well beyond their understanding and control. CASA is a national organization with many local branches, and its advocates are literally restoring countless lives in our communities. There are no “throwaway children!” We cannot underestimate God’s ability to change the world through any child! 

Her endorsement was very special, and as a teacher, our work is very similar when it comes to the at-risk youth we both have in our lives. Just as a beautiful stained glass window is made from broken pieces, God is able to assemble the brokenness of our lives in such a way that His light is still able to shine through, allowing the workmanship of the Master to be fully seen.

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