J.W. Kitson

“The first draft is just you telling yourself the story.”― Terry Pratchett
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Where Imagination Meets Purpose

Writing, to me, isn’t just a hobby; it’s a passion and mission to change as much of the world as possible. The rough draft of a manuscript is always intriguing to me, because it is my opportunity to tell myself a story without worrying about the editing process. I get to create imaginary settings, unpredictable plots, and develop characters and watch them cope with whatever dilemma they face. There is simply magic and personal fulfillment in storytelling.

I am also a film producer, and I’ve taken part in four productions involving everything from local ghost stories (Gretchen’s Lock), human trafficking (Unwavering), the opioid epidemic (Gateway to Hope: Overcoming Heroin), and the murder of five Bigfoot enthusiasts (Beast of Our Fathers). Filming for Song of the Tree Frogs begins in the fall of 2019.

 I am also an educator with nearly thirty years of experience. I currently teach in my home school district in East Liverpool, Ohio, and for Kent State University (27 years to date). I receive a lot of inspiration from my students, and in education, there is no such thing as a “typical day.”

 I married my beautiful wife, Connie, in 1998, and we have a wonderful daughter, Madison, who recently graduated high school. Connie is a professional speech pathologist, and Madison is a model, and will be attending college to pursue a degree in psychology and counseling. We also have some “adopted sons” we’ve been blessed with along the way. They are very special to us, and we are honored to call them family. Joey and Tony are on the back of my business cards (representing two brothers from Song of the Tree Frogs), and Matthew is on the front cover of People from the Lake.

Dream…And Never Let Go

If you have a dream, I strongly encourage you to pursue it with all your efforts. Failure is always a part of the experience, but I have learned that any kind of work worth doing often involves inspiration, dedication, ambition, innovation, and of course, a whole lot of perspiration. Always remember that inside each of us, there is a universe of stories, talents, ambitions, experiences, and dreams worth sharing with others! After all, it is others who inspire me the most, especially when they share their amazing lives with me.

A Few of My Favorite Memories