Special Recognition, Book Signings, and Other Activities

Reader Recognition

Tom Dutta


International #1 Best Selling Author, Professional Speaker and Motive Leadership Expert, and Founder and CEO of KRE-AT™

INFO@KREAT.CA or tdutta@kreat.ca

Website: www.kreat.ca

Josh and Danielle Menning

Professional Photographers, Award-Winning Film Producers and Directors, and Story-Based Business Videographers

Website: www.menningphotographicfilms.com

Cynthia E. Mazzaferro

International Award-Winning and Best Selling Author, Highly Sought-After Transformational Speaker, and she appears on the back cover of my novel!

Website: www.cynthiamazzaferro.com

Laine Hardy

American Idol Contestant, Singer, Songwriter

Website: www.lainehardymusic.com

Erin Ziering

Wife of Ian Ziering, mother, blogger, and life enthusiast.

Erich Schuett 

Voiceover Artist, Pop & Classical Singer, Songwriter and ​Actor

Proud Member SAG-AFTRA / AEA

Website: www.erichschuett.com

Benjamin (Diesel) Donlow III

Actor/Stuntman (Chicago P.D., Empire, and many more), Model, Entrepreneur, and one of the most inspirational and hardworking individuals I’ve ever known! Check out his amazing products at www.dieseldonlow.shop


Book Donations to Local Libraries and Community Organizations:

Donations to Kent State University (also on display at Kent), The Salem Community Library, and Museum of Ceramics (in historic East Liverpool)


Book Signings at various organizations and programs


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