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Phillip and Michael grew up in an uncertain and hostile world. Their father was cruel, and his rage only grew worse when he discovered a letter to his wife, revealing that his youngest son may not be his. As days turn into years, Phillip realizes that his father will never be satisfied until he destroys Michael. Phillip has no choice but to find a way to protect his brother, even if he must take the life of his own father.

When a malicious prank leaves Michael dying, Phillip is forced to resurrect the paralyzing guilt he bares for allowing his brother to suffer at the hands of their father for many years. After all, brothers are supposed to look out for each other. While Michael is in the hospital, the man who may be his real father is compelled to visit him. Fearing that he missed his only opportunity to meet Michael, Samuel (as well as a brave nurse) risk their personal safety by intervening in the boys’ tumultuous existence. If Phillip is ever going to experience forgiveness from the brother he loves, and for himself, he must be willing to trust the offer of help from people he hardly knows.

Song of the Tree Frogs realistically addresses difficult topics such as abuse and PTSD, while ultimately showing the importance of forgiving our past. Written from a faith-based perspective, the brothers’ journey demonstrates that love can truly endure all things. With its dynamic, relatable characters and overarching themes, Song of the Tree Frogs presents a narrative that bravely captures the emotions of its readers and encourages them that any life can become a masterpiece, especially when God takes over as the artist.

Song of the Tree Frogs grabbed me emotionally. The young protagonists, Phillip and Michael, quickly connected with me deeply and I wanted to embrace them through each struggle they faced. This powerful novel reminds us that love has the strength to accomplish anything and that we each have the power within to be powerful beyond measure and break the chains of hated.”

Cynthia E Mazzaferro, international award-winning, best-selling author of Powerful Beyond Measure and Shine Your Light.

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